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Eastern Metal Trading Co., Inc. sells all shapes and sizes of metal to the construction, fabrication, and manufacturing industries. But Eastern is not your typical steel distributor. Normal distributors buy from steel mills and add hefty mark-ups to the steel they resell. To the contrary, since Eastern has developed a non-traditional supply chain, our pricing is usually well below mill and market.

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First off, thank you for your interest! Eastern Metals offers opportunity material to users and resellers all across North America. Our inventory is ever changing and is typically “liquidation” stock. We are continually adding new opportunities and then removing once sold.

While we try to update the market of our opportunities by posting them on this website, we hope you will contact us to receive our email notifications. This is the most efficient way to ensure your notification. We try to match opportunities to the right buyers. Make sure to advise us of the types of material that would be of greatest interest to you.

A construction worker welding

Steel for Construction

We provide metal products for the construction industry such as piling, structural shapes, plate, rebar, pipe, and more. 

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Welder is welding metal

Steel for Fabrication

Whether you are a structural fabricator, a sheet and plate fabricator, or a pipe and tubing fabricator, Eastern can save you money.

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Roll of galvanized steel

Steel for Manufacturing

If you manufacture truck trailers, roll form metal roofing, supply agricultural products for the farm or ranch, or draw wire rod into a finished product, we have handled it all.

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Our Inventory

Our inventory is constantly updating.
Check in regularly to see what is new in stock.

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