Surplus Plywood

Eastern Trading is “SurplusPlywood.Com”, and we are not your typical plywood distributor.

Plywood for construction

SurplusPlywood.Com has a very unique place in the market, one in which we feel serves the wood industry and the planet as a whole. Talk about going green, we are all about avoiding waste and maximizing the use of resources, which have already been harvested. Don’t get us wrong, we are a “For Profit” business, but one that offers a win–win-win, for our company, our customers and the environment.

Our company model is to identify large lots of plywood panel products which have become distressed due to lost application or customer, damage from rough handling, lost identity, blemishes from water stain or mold, defect or error at the producing mill, or countless other reasons. While a plywood panel might not have the desired cosmetic appeal to be used in fine custom cabinetry or other intended product, we know of, and apply to less demanding applications. 

“Downfall” is a term we will typically use to describe material that has not met the requirements of its intended grade production. Other industry terms you might be familiar with are “End & Edge Damage”, Shop, Recouped, Salvage, etc. Yes, this is what we buy, and this is what we sell.

SurplusPlywood.Com product line includes a variety of both domestic and imported veneer plywood. We buy hardwoods and softwoods, as well as new First-Quality or A-Grade when it is available as surplus.

We are a wholesale / commodity quantity dealer

We buy and sell in truckload quantities only. SurplusPlywood.Com has inventory around the country, at many of the coastal ports, at inland warehouses, and manufacturing plants.

We are buyers and liquidators of inventory

We are not brokers that represent another company’s inventory. We take inventory positions Buying and Selling opportunities as they occur. Our inventory positions change rapidly as is our goal as a liquidator. Please keep in contact with us or check our posted specials.


We buy and sell hardwoods and softwoods, as well as new First-Quality or A-Grade when it is available as surplus.