Steel For Construction

We provide metal products for the construction industry such as piling, structural shapes, plate, rebar, pipe, and more.

A construction worker welding

If you are looking for new or used (but reusable) steel for your project, give us a call. In addition to new steel, Eastern Metals trades in steel from completed construction projects such as temporary use piling of all descriptions, bracing and shoring items, street plate, and falsework material.

  • Steel Beams – new and used-reusable
  • Sheet Piling – new and used-reusable
  • Steel Pipe – new and used-reusable
  • All structural shapes
  • Steel Plate – new applications and used for street plate and ground cover
  • Rebar and mesh matts
  • Conduit / Fasteners / Etc

Our Inventory

Our inventory is constantly updating.
Check in regularly to see what is new in stock.

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