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We buy surplus and salvage material all over the United States and Canada. We are not limited to any one region and typically take inventory positions at major coastal ports, along the inland waterways, and a various fabricating and manufacturing sites.

For an immediate cash recovery, call 800-494-4336.

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If your company has excess, surplus, or salvage metals that you would like to liquidate, then Eastern is the right choice. We have the experience, the financial wherewithal, and a developed customer base to provide you the best recovery possible.

Selling to Eastern

It’s easy to sell material to Eastern Metal Trading Co., Inc.  We’re stockists, not brokers of material.  That means when we have interest, we take position and purchase your inventory.  Please feel free to reach out to us with any material that you are looking to sell.

Eastern buys truckload quantities (40,000# or greater) of carbon and alloy steel, and 20,000#+ lots of other metals such as stainless steel, duplex, nickel alloys, aluminum or red metals.  We look for usable material – something that has a value that would be lost to you if scrapped.  You can get a much better return from us, It’s a win-win!

The first step is to send us over all of the information that you have on the material. Some of the best information on your material comes from documentation. If available, helpful documents are:

  • Your company detailed inventory
  • Packing Slips or Bills of Lading
  • Surveyor or Insurance Reports
  • Mill Certifications / Mill Test Reports if available
  • Commercial Bill of Sale
  • Customs House Reports

Eastern also needs to determine the condition of the material.  In order to buy the material, we need to get to know it.  Please tell us the story of this material as much as possible, including how it came to be available.  Pictures are especially helpful in this regard.  We want to know both your description of the material as well as visually see how the material looks.

Finally, we would like to know what kind of return you are looking for on this sale.  We will only be able to pay what the market will bear, but this information will give us a good idea how we should proceed with our purchase.

We will hammer out the details – whether or not material can be stored on premises, how quickly the material needs to be moved, and logistical issues, i.e. type of trucks required, loading times and loading equipment.

Industries We Serve

We serve the insurance industry, ports and warehouses, the construction industry, fabricators, and manufacturers.


Eastern Metal Trading Co., Inc. will get you the absolute highest return for your excess, surplus, reusable or salvage material. We have a large customer base, all over North America, and will find an application for your usable material. Don’t settle for scrap value, let us make you a fair and better offer.

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