Eastern’s Privacy Policy

Effective 2/21/2020 Updated 2/21/2020

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Eastern Metal Trading Co., Inc. collects the data that you provide directly to us. For example, through our forms, we may collect your first name, last name, email address, the business name you provided, fax number, any messages that you might send us, or any other data that you might provide. Any data that you provide we will store for our records.

When you use our website, we also receive log and usage data. That may include your IP address, browser type, operating system, referral URLs, search terms, device information, pages visited, hardware settings, links clicked, and the requested URL.


We don’t sell the information of our customers or our vendors or other users. We do rely on third party companies to support us and help us with our marketing, tech support, and other related company functions, and they may receive access to this data in their support of Eastern Metal Trading Co., Inc. If we are part of a business transfer, such as a merger or acquisition, your data may be transferred as part of that business transfer. We use Google Analytics and other analytics services in order to analyze usage and traffic. We, and the third party services that we use, may use cookies in order to track this data.

We use the data that we collect to communicate with you about products, promotions, and services that we offer. You may opt out of such communications at any time. We also use this data to analyze trends over time and the performance of our campaigns and products. We also want, as best we can, to personalize your interaction with Eastern Metal Trading Co., Inc., send you the offers that you want to see, and provide you with the best service possible.


Your web browser may have option to remove or reject cookies. Many web browsers also give the option to send a do not track signal. While no measure is completely secure, we take measures to keep your information secure from unauthorized access, loss, and theft.

Our data is stored for as long as we believe that it is necessary for legitimate business purposes. We may also disclose your information if there is a legal reason to do so or if that information may be used to help protect you or other users.

We do not expect any individuals under the age of 18 to be accessing our website, let alone fill out any of our forms. You must be over the age of consent in order to fill out any of our online forms, or otherwise we require verifiable consent from your guardian. If this applies to you, Eastern applauds your interest in our material at such a young age, even if we are a bit puzzled by it.

Updates to this privacy policy will be noted by changing the effective or update date on our privacy policy page.


You can contact us by phone:


You can contact us by email:

John Holden – jholden@easternmetaltrading.com
Stephen Holden – sholden@easternmetaltrading.com

Our address is:

Eastern Metal Trading Co., Inc.
1916 Old Cuthbert Rd.
14 Cuthbert Plaza
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034