Providing inventory solutions for the metals industry.

Eastern Metal Trading buys and sells metal inventory that has become available in the spot market, covering all of North America. We service the construction, metal fabrication, and manufacturing Industries. We provide our vendors with a strong financial return, while providing tremendous opportunities to our customers. We purchase and sell material that is new surplus, excess from lost applications, canceled orders, obsolete, field claims and salvage.

Welder welds re-bar
A construction worker welding

Steel for Construction

We provide metal products for the construction industry such as piling, structural shapes, plate, rebar, pipe, and more. 

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Welder is welding metal

Steel for Fabrication

Whether you are a structural fabricator, a sheet and plate fabricator, or a pipe and tubing fabricator, Eastern can save you money.

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Roll of galvanized steel

Steel for Manufacturing

If you manufacture truck trailers, roll form metal roofing, supply agricultural products for the farm or ranch, or draw wire rod into a finished product, we have handled it all.

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Our Inventory

Our inventory is constantly updating.
Check in regularly to see what is new in stock.

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Eastern Metal Trading Co., Inc. has 30+ years of providing service for metal inventory issues.  Our ability to problem solve and work with the unique needs of both our customers and our vendors has made us a trusted partner in the industry. 

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