Salvage Material

Salvage Material, by definition, indicates that the material has sustained damage as a result of an unforeseen circumstance. Damaged material does not always mean unusable or without a value above scrap. A good illustration of this would be a steel coil that has gotten wet. GM might not want to make a car hood from it, but we can process it so that it can make parts that are not critical, and that don’t have to be pretty.

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Eastern Metals has a long history of working with the Insurance industry to mitigate loss.

  • Water damage from leaky tarps while on a truck, hole in a shipping container, flood damage while in a warehouse, roof torn off in a storm, flooded hull of cargo ship or barge, pipe bursting, sprinkler damage from fire.
  • Physical damage due to transportation accidents such as shifting cargo, truck rollover, railcar derailment, rough seas, dropped, crushed or gauged by forklift while in the care of a warehouse.

We work directly with Insurance Companies, Claims adjusters, Marine and Inland surveyors, truck lines, railroads, terminals and warehouses, as well as any segment of the supply chain that handles materials.

We are well experienced and understand we will be part of the solution, by acting quickly and moving the damaged material so the insured can get back to business as quickly as possible. 

We have been in this business for over 30 years.

Please allow Eastern Metal Trading Co., Inc. provide you the option of selling your damaged material above a scrap price when applicable, or preventing you from having to paying for disposition.

Our Sister Companies

Over the years we have since gained expertise in the forest products industry through our Division. In addition we have the Eastern Asset Recovery Division, which handles products not covered by Eastern Metals or Forest Products divisions.

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